Sunday, September 16, 2012

Storing Fly Lines

Hey Everyone,

I recently acquired a few new fly fishing items. Three rods and four reels to be exact. I took the fly line off of each reel not only because the line was on backwards, for me anyway. I also wanted to inspect, clean, and lube each of the reels. I thought about backing and relining them but decided that storing the line off of the reels might be a better choice. They were showing signs of very slight memory and I wasn't sure when I might use them again. The only problem was how did I want to store the lines. Well, I think I have found a solution. Salt water wrist spools. They are sold for people to wind their own leaders on to. Well they seemed perfect for storing fly line as well. For one they are 6 1/2" which is much larger than any reel or spool that the line comes on for that matter. Second they have holes and notches cut into the spool to hold the line. The price wont break the bank either at just $1.99 a piece. I have three lines like that now but I am thinking of storing all my lines that I don't use that often in this way. The spools I have accommodate my eight weight lines just fine though that may be as big as you can fit. With some masking tape you can label each spool or just wright on the plastic with a sharpie. If you put a Bimini twist or other similar loop in the end of you backing and then put a loop in the back end of your fly line you can reattach them as you need to. I hope this helps a few people out, I know I already like it. 

Wet Nets,

Saturday, September 15, 2012

TU Presentations

Hey Everyone,

Well Tuesday night I did my second presentation about Tenkara. If you noticed had recent post about being scheduled to give two of these talks. I talked about how and why I got into Tenkara. I was quite surprised on the turn out and interest at both meetings. I do have to say that one thing that is apparent to many of the anglers is that an eleven foot rod is not a common choice here in the east. With our tight covered mountain streams a main focus most of the questions were in reference to techniques that I use to fish those streams. I explained that I view Tenkara as a tool not the end all be all of fly fishing. What Tenkara is made to do it does perfectly but its not so good doing things it was never intended to. For example you cannot lay a dry fly on the water any more gently than letting it fall by itself which I can do with Tenkara but don't expect to see me landing thirty inch steel head on one any time soon. And as far as a rod for backpacking, why take any thing else. and on the other hand if you know the stream you intend to fish is overgrown with rhododendron, you may want to grab your six foot three weight.  I am happy to see people show interest in the sport and was very honored to be viewed as enough of an expert on the subject to be asked to come talk about it twice! I look forward to teaching more people about it and really cant wait to get some people on the water and let them experience it for themselves.

Wet Nets,Lance

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some Great Fishing

Hey everyone,

I though I would put up some links to some past fishing adventures that Ive had. These are already posted on my blog "The Trailmarker" so some of you may have already seen them. For those of you who are visiting for the first time here you go.

Fish, Fish, and more Fish
Big Brown
Steal head
18 and 18

There are a few more posts than this with pictures of some beautiful fish if you want to take a look around. I hope that I get the chance to see some of you catch quality fish and have great adventures like these.

Wet Nets,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Talking Tenkara

Hey Everyone,

Ive been invited to be the guest speaker at two Trout Unlimited chapter monthly meetings. I will be discussing how my passion for ultralight backpacking and fly fishing lead me to Tenkara. I will also be talking about how I view the sport and where I plan to take it. If you're in either of the areas feel free to drop by and say hey. You may already be a TU member or might even decide to join after being around all of us trout bums.

August 27th 7:00pm - triangle fly fishers

September 11th 7:00pm - nat green fly fishers

Wet Nets,