What does the trip include?
Each trip includes travel, guide, rod, line, tippet, flies, lunch (full day trips only), and photos of your day. On occasion there might be a thermos of hot coffee or spiced cider as well. We do not supply your waders! Your trip will also be posted on this site for everyone else to see giving you bragging rights.

What should I bring?
We fish in rain and snow in fact those can be some of the best days. My favorite season to fish is also the fall when it can be quite cool in the mornings. Watch the weather and dress appropriately or bring additional items to put on like a rain jacket. Some nice items to have are a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (if it will be sunny), and a camera. I always advise that you should have any medications that you may need for the day as well as any medications for allergies that you may have. Also don't forget your waders!
* on back country trips be sure to bring water or something to carry water in.

Do I need a license?
Yes! unlike fishing from a charter boat, you do not fish off of a North Carolina guides license. Be sure your License is not only valid but includes mountain trout waters. You can find a link for this on the main page.

How far is it?
The closest river is roughly an hour away. However, some streams can be up to three hours away. Full day trips and half day trips will help in determining how far we go.

How do we do lunch?
This is your trip so I want to make it what you want. I can bring some things for sandwiches, snacks, and drinks. Some people like to pack there own. I think by far the favorite is what I call the "trout bum" where we stop at any gas station and load up on whatever we want for the day.

I will add more frequently asked questions as they become frequently asked questions. For answers to anything that you dont see here eamil me at...


  1. Do you fish up in or around Ashe Co?

  2. On occasion I fish in Ashe. I do fish in that general area of the state a lot.

  3. Lance - Just learned that there was a Tenkara meeting in October in NC. I'm really upset that I missed that - Is there any site that I can check out that will give me info on meetings, conferences, etc that focus on Tenkara? Thanks Irv