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To simplify things, I will not be posting available days any more. I think it is much more flexible and easier on everyone to do it this way...
 Trips can be booked two weeks or more in advance. Email me with the day that you would like to book a trip and we will make it happen. I will list the booked days of the month to avoid double booking unless you don't mind fishing with someone else. It really is that easy!

You can email me here.

Booked Days

Wednesday April 2nd
April 5th and 6th -  NC Wildlife BOW Program
Wednesday April 9th 
12th and 13th - VA Fly Fishing and Wine Festival

10th - OSNC BSA Hunt N Fish Day
17th - am Tenkara 101 instructor / pm Western NC Fly Fishing Expo
23rd - Tenkara Level II instructor

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