Trips and Rates

Weather a beginner or seasoned angler, Tenkara can be a great learning experience and great day of fishing.

For the Beginner
If you have always wanted to try fly fishing but have were intimidated because you thought it was hard, Tenkara is a great way to break into the sport. With no reel there is no line to haul and mend. Tenkara focuses on simplicity, just the rod, line, and the fly. Within fifteen minutes you will be casting with confidence and with a few minutes of guidance hopefully you will be catching trout as well.

For the Experienced
Tenkara is a great way to expand your knowledge of the history of fly fishing. Tenkara is a nice way to leave the cumbersome gear and try a stripped down method of fishing. I can assure you that there is no more intimate form of fishing. If you want to learn how to read a section of water and pick it apart riffle by riffle there is no better tool than Tenkara.

I offer both back country hike in and delayed harvest trips.

Back Country - Be aware that some of the areas we fish require hiking back into remote areas. I am an experienced backpacker and outdoors man and will do everything I can to ensure your safety. However, it is up to you to asses your health and comfort factor before booking these trips.  We fish small to medium wild streams throughout the north western mountains.

Delayed Harvest - North Carolina delayed harvest streams and rivers are a great fly fishing opportunity. From October 1st to June 1st these waters are catch and release with the state providing monthly stockings. This offers the angler the chance to fish some very nice water with the very high probability of catching trout into the double digits.  (recommended for beginners)


Back Country -        full day                    half day
  (1 angler)               $180.00                   $150.00
  (2 anglers)             $210.00                   $180.00

Delayed Harvest -  full day                     half day
  (1 angler)             $150.00                     $100.00
  (2 anglers)           $200.00                     $150.00

*I can accommodate more anglers. However, thirty days booking is required as I may have to hire an additional guide.