Sunday, September 16, 2012

Storing Fly Lines

Hey Everyone,

I recently acquired a few new fly fishing items. Three rods and four reels to be exact. I took the fly line off of each reel not only because the line was on backwards, for me anyway. I also wanted to inspect, clean, and lube each of the reels. I thought about backing and relining them but decided that storing the line off of the reels might be a better choice. They were showing signs of very slight memory and I wasn't sure when I might use them again. The only problem was how did I want to store the lines. Well, I think I have found a solution. Salt water wrist spools. They are sold for people to wind their own leaders on to. Well they seemed perfect for storing fly line as well. For one they are 6 1/2" which is much larger than any reel or spool that the line comes on for that matter. Second they have holes and notches cut into the spool to hold the line. The price wont break the bank either at just $1.99 a piece. I have three lines like that now but I am thinking of storing all my lines that I don't use that often in this way. The spools I have accommodate my eight weight lines just fine though that may be as big as you can fit. With some masking tape you can label each spool or just wright on the plastic with a sharpie. If you put a Bimini twist or other similar loop in the end of you backing and then put a loop in the back end of your fly line you can reattach them as you need to. I hope this helps a few people out, I know I already like it. 

Wet Nets,

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