Saturday, September 15, 2012

TU Presentations

Hey Everyone,

Well Tuesday night I did my second presentation about Tenkara. If you noticed had recent post about being scheduled to give two of these talks. I talked about how and why I got into Tenkara. I was quite surprised on the turn out and interest at both meetings. I do have to say that one thing that is apparent to many of the anglers is that an eleven foot rod is not a common choice here in the east. With our tight covered mountain streams a main focus most of the questions were in reference to techniques that I use to fish those streams. I explained that I view Tenkara as a tool not the end all be all of fly fishing. What Tenkara is made to do it does perfectly but its not so good doing things it was never intended to. For example you cannot lay a dry fly on the water any more gently than letting it fall by itself which I can do with Tenkara but don't expect to see me landing thirty inch steel head on one any time soon. And as far as a rod for backpacking, why take any thing else. and on the other hand if you know the stream you intend to fish is overgrown with rhododendron, you may want to grab your six foot three weight.  I am happy to see people show interest in the sport and was very honored to be viewed as enough of an expert on the subject to be asked to come talk about it twice! I look forward to teaching more people about it and really cant wait to get some people on the water and let them experience it for themselves.

Wet Nets,Lance


  1. Looked to be an engaged crowd. Do you think you got anybody over to the dark side of telescopic reel-less rods?

  2. There were a few who were very interested. I know there are already a couple of Tenkara junkies in the mix.