Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ice in the Guides

Hey Everyone,

I know what you all are about to say, "guides?". Yeah Ive been using my Tenkara rods so much lately that I felt like I was neglecting my 4wt, and since I got a new Ross Arius for it last year for Christmas I though I should use it. With that being said, I decided to head up to a river that I don't normally fish. It was a nice cold crisp day and I watched my breath in the air as I walked that path down to the river. I could see several nice fish holding in slack currents. Needless to say, it wasn't long before I hooked up. This river had recently undergone a restoration project so with the stream bed disturbance there is very few if any caddis and or mayflies. So, diptera midges are the main food source for these particular fish. I quickly found that anything larger than an 18 was simply ignored. I spent the rest of the day throwing small midge emergers and landing quite a few nice fish. I'm not saying the you need to have a degree in entomology to fly fish but having an understanding of the bugs that trout typically eat can make the difference between a couple fish and a banner day on the river.

Wet Nets,

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  1. That one pic under the bridge makes the water look low. I'm glad you liked that place enough to go back. I'll holler at you again when we head up there.