Monday, March 4, 2013

Where Fish Stories Come From

Hey Everyone,

Well I'm not sure how to start this post other than to say that I have had two awesome days on the water over the past weekend. I started with a trip to the river on Friday. I met up with Jason and his neighbor Richard. It was a rather neat experience. I went down river to check on a few sites for a guide trip that you will read about in a minute. It just so happened that the hatchery truck was on the river then as well. I have been fly fishing since I was eight and I have been guiding for a few years and have never once seen this process in person. It was really cool to see massive net fulls of fish being put in the river. It was also nice to talk to the two gentlemen doing the stocking. I walked along the river spotting small schools of fish. Later on I met back up with Jason and pointed him to some fish I had seen in a small quick run. It turned out to be a great little spot and Jason managed to pull a few nice trout from that spot. Here are a few photos of Jason in action.

This brings us to Sunday. I had some friends, Jamie and Steve, ask me to put them on some fish Saturday night. So we set up a trip for the next day. It was kind of last minute so I thought I would take them to a spot that usually holds good fish. I hate to brag and say that I was right on so I'll let the photos do the talking. I should also mention that Steve had never caught a trout on a fly rod before this day.

I was happy to see these guys hooking up. I'm not sure how many fish were caught but Steve said he lost count at 44. Both of the guys hooked fish around 18 inches and Jamie managed to hook in to this monster. It was the largest fish Ive seen come out of that river. I estimate it was around 24 to 26 inches.

It was an epic day on the river.

See you on the trial,


  1. Productive looking trip! Great brookies!

  2. Lance
    One fantastic trip and some awesome trout thanks for sharing

  3. Great day Lance. And, great photos.

  4. The smiles say it all. That bridge looks familiar. =)

  5. I haven't fished that area in years, looks like an awesome trip had by all. Nice fish too!!

  6. Awesome! I'm ready to go again myself! Syd