Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Little Get Away

Hey Everyone,

I have been wanting to fish this stream for about a year now. It's very remote and not an easy steam to get to or even fish. I mentioned it to some friends of mine a few months back and they thought is sounded like a fun trip. I helped them get geared up for their first backpacking experience and let them know that nothing about it was going to be easy. It was a tough hike in and maybe a little more than they expected but in the end everyone made the climb in had a great time. We spent three days climbing boulders and fishing. I have rarely seen a river or stream with such a thriving population of brook trout. It was great fishing to say the least. Its rare now days to find a spot so untouched and wild and I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to experience it. I hope you all enjoy the pictures although they truly do this beautiful area no justice. The fast riffles and steep grade made drifts hard to manage but with a long tenkara rod I was able to hold the fly in the soft water longer. Also being able to collapse the rod made it quite handy for climbing over the house sized rocks to the next hole. In fact is was working so well that by the end everyone had used it and it was unanimous that it was the perfect technique.
 The Crew

 Steven working a run while Jamie is way down in the lower pool
  A friend came to visit

I have several more photos but don't want to bore you with a excessively long post. Just thought you'd like to see some pretty country and untouched water. 

See you on the trail,