Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tying Kebari in Public

Yesterday I had the privilege of not only attending, but being invited to be the guest tier for the Rocky River Trout Unlimited's January fly tying gathering. There was a very nice turnout and when I arrived everyone was in their respective groups and tying away. After a short lunch break a table was cleared and I set my station up. They used a camera linked to a TV that was zoomed in on my vise which was a great idea so that everyone could see what my hands were doing and also get a good image of the kebari. Since kebari are relatively easy to tie I thought it might be kind of boring to watch. Also, many tenkara anglers are only familiar with the iconic Takayama and Amano kebari but not with other forms of Japanese flies, many of which do not have a reverse hackle. So, I spent a few weeks gathering all the information that I could about different kebari, where in Japan they originate from and how they were tied. I also printed out Yoshikazu Fujioka's Map so that I could show everyone where each kebari originates from. Here are just a couple photos of me tying. Rocky River TU has photos here of the kebari that were tied. I had a great time and I hope that everyone enjoyed the event and also learned some additional info about tenkara and the unique kebari that are used.

See you on the trail,